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- Who are you? - Oh, sweet pea!
- And the third rule is... - Bob, Bob. I'm a member.
I wonder what he did.
I like standing next to you, Sean.
What's everybody staring at?
"that a man claiming to be Dale Gribble recently fired you."
"it has come to my attention...
"Dear Octavio...
I just want to go back to hell,
Oh, no. Stan, you didn't!
You're so specific.
Well, my weekend's shot.
And I wanted to buy you a can of Olde English "800".
You sold your soul to Satan, your grace.
It's like Cypress Hill concert in here.
It isn't a fit night out for man nor beast!
Puff, the magic dragon
My whole life I have known two things.
- Seen the new Playboy? - Good?
- (men laughing and yelling) - I told him.
-(shock crackling) -(screaming)
Odds are they're probably basic white, cotton underpants.
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