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That's because most jokes are lies
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That's because most jokes are lies
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Porky's II: The Next Day (1983)
Because most guys are so desperate, they'll lie
2.9 secs
Legion (2017) - S01E06 Drama
That's the lie, the cruelest joke.
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Marvel's Agent Carter (2015) - S01E07
Because most of the people that served there are dead,
2.9 secs
MacGruber (2010)
That's right, because most warheads are filled with air.
1.9 secs
ALF (1986) - S01E15 Family
Most people don't get that joke.
1.7 secs
Beyond (2017) - S01E03 Ties That Bind
3.7 secs
Louie (2010) - S01E06 Heckler / Cop Movie
Because most people would never do that. Most people are polite...
2.2 secs
The Office (2005) - S08E20 Welcome Party
Oh, because your jokes are all hilarious
1.5 secs
Secrets & Lies (2015) - S02E01
most of whom are here now,
3.5 secs
Scrubs (2001) - S08E01 Drama
I'd know that obviously you were joking because you are way out of his league.
4.6 secs
Mr. Robot (2015) - S02E02
that those reports, they were mostly lies.
2.3 secs
The Big Bang Theory (2007) - S11E07 The Geology Methodology
That's a joke. They are.
1.4 secs
That you are lying.
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The Invention of Lying (2009)
Because you are sensible.
1.6 secs
The Interview (2014)
Are you joking me, man? He's the most
1.6 secs
30 Rock (2006) - S06E09 Leap Day
Well the joke's on you because that
2.1 secs
30 Rock (2006) - S01E03 Blind Date
Because I was 80% joking about that.
2.5 secs
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008) - S01E04 Drama
- Joking. - More like lying.
1.7 secs
He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
1.3 secs
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - S09E01 The Gang Broke Dee
Mostly diarrhea jokes.
3 secs
The Mentalist (2008) - S01E01 Drama
Most wives can tell when their husbands are lying.
2.7 secs
The Big Bang Theory (2007) - S06E09 The Parking Spot Escalation
because most squirrels are real jerks.
2.9 secs
Seinfeld (1993) - S05E14 The Marine Biologist
Because if this is a lie, if this is a joke...
2.4 secs
Super Troopers (2001)
Yeah, those stories about us are mostly lies, really.
2.1 secs
Tammy (2014)
Because most of them are in wheelchairs.
2.7 secs
The Sound of Music (1965)
- Because you are the most important. - Oh!
3.6 secs
Boomerang (1992)
because you are the most handsome,