Hung is a comedy-drama television series which ran on HBO from June 28, 2009 to December 4, 2011. It was created by Dmitry Lipkin and Colette Burson and stars Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker, a struggling suburban Detroit high school basketball and baseba ...

Season 2
Ep Title Released
#1 Just the Tip
#2 Tucson Is the Gateway to Dick or This Is Not Sexy
#3 Mind Bullets or Bang Bang Bang Bang Motherfucker
#4 Sing It Again, Ray or Home Plate
#5 A Man, a Plan or Thank You, Jimmy Carter
#6 Beaverland
#7 The Middle East Is Complicated
#8 Third Base or the Rash
#9 Fat Off My Love or I'm the Allergen
#10 Even Steven or Luckiest Kid in Detroit